By now, Home IX was already complete and winding its way through the music business machine. The Okara Rd Home-House was vacated and the rent deposit was not returned to the suprise of exactly noone. This album was available exclusively on 8-track. (fewer copies than usual, since the larger format filled up the candy jar much more quickly). The master 8-track was damaged and this collection only includes programmes 1 and 2. If anyone has an original Home VIII, with programmes 3 and 4, please contact captain@screwmusicforever to collect your very special prize.

What's In That Box of Yours

Track list:
1.  John Jacab Jingleheimer Schmidt
2.  You Don't Know
3.  Hotlanta
4.  Sproing
5.  Sneak Out!
6.  What's in That Box of Yours?
7.  I'm On Fire
8.  My Passion

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