Around the release of 2, bill clinton was elected president. of course, we were all totally stoked. but a chill ran down my spine when there was a picture of him on the cover of the local paper doing the sign of the horns.

sure, george bush senior was a nightmare, but judging from his hand gestures, he wasn't satan. this new charismatic guy who ripped off elvis, on the other hand, looked to be. The recordings that followed pretty much captured how that realization felt.

Hey Wood

Track list:
  1. Stupid Girls
  2. Atomic
  3. Thunderstruck
  4. Forever Man
  5. Don't Bring Me Down
  6. Atomic 2
  7. My Yard
  8. Hey, Wood
  9. Art
10. Losing
11. Righteous Candy Striper
12. Art
13. Give Me a Sign
14. Art

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