The first album came into being without intention. Eric and Andrew had just moved into a small apartment called Sherwood Forest in Brandon, FL, and immediately resumed their high school protocol of entertaining themselves by recording songs.

The studio consisted of two Radio Shack cassette decks connected with a Radio Shack mixing board. We'd record one instrument, then move the tape over to the player-deck and play another instrument live with that, while recording on deck 2. Then repeat, repeat, repeat until the noise floor hit a critical mass of "just barely listenable", at which point the song was "done". Most of this first tape was recorded while still recruiting Brad and Sean to put a proper group together, which is why the rhythm section is often bottles and cans and salt-shakers.

Track list:
  1. Lullabye
  2. Friends
  3. Heart of Glass
  4. Turn Away
  5. Hyskell Wedding Suite
  6. Art
  7. Eric jumps in on Andrew's Shit
  8. The Fall
  9. Tres Ciest
10. My Name is Mok
11. Bunch of Friends
12. Art

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