By the time we were finishing up 7, we were deep in the process of signing to Relativity/Sony, during an era when Maximum Rock and Roll published Albini's "some of your friends are probably already this fucked" begging young artists to stay far far away from labels. There were endless tipsy discussions about the spriritual landmines of selling out. But when Sean deftly rhymed "marlboro miles" with "Governor Chiles" we all knew that it would work out.

Marlboro Miles

Track list:
1. Underwater
2. Marlboro Miles
3. The Smallpox Shines Its Impertinent Tooth
4. Only Daughter of a Saltmine
5. Gotta Quit that Crack
6. The New Elastic Me
7. Trying
8. Marlboro Miles Reprise
9. The Moving In
10. Epilogue

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