6 and 7 became a double album when a high-bias 90 minute cassette was used as the community master tape instead of the standard 30 minute "Supertape". A majority of the songs were recorded outside of the Okara house, perhaps because it had become perpetually messy. When the Grifters crashed there after a show, Stan wound up sleeping in their van because the cockroaches kept waking him up. It apparently became a popular road story for them. When Home toured America for years after that, they were routinely and often suddenly recognized as "oh god.. you're the guys with that house!!".

Introducing Kitten

Track list:
1.  With a Swift
2.  Sparcely Beaten
3.  Art
4.  Racing Tales
5. That's a Bird
6.  Introducing Kitten
7.  My Name is Mok (live)
8.  January (live)
9.  Zero and the Hunted
10. (You Can Make It) Underground
11. Synchronicity
12. The Boy Who Beat Off and Listened to
Frequency Music

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