By III, Home had become a functioning band that was playing in Ybor City, St Pete and Gainesville. A permanent candy jar was set on the counter at Blue Chair Music and whenever the cassette we were mixing new songs down on was filled up, it was dubbed off a dozen or so times and the jar was refilled.. along with free candy.. which people like because its sweet.

This was also the time when all four members moved into a house on Okara street, just a few blocks from Busch Gardens. When the wind was right, the sounds of screaming roller coaster riders could be heard wafting through the trees. One tree in particular, in the front yard was the perfect girth to embrace. Less like a hippie and more like a lover.

Stay the Same

Track list:
  1. Getting Alot Done on a Busy Day
  2. My Name is John
  3. My T.V.
  4. Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover
  5. Stay the Same
  6. Ain't No Sunshine
  7. Learning to Behave
  8. 1 db.
  9. Freezer
10. Barnstormers and Speedkings
11. Basics and the Blue
12. Art

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