By 94, the okara house became an established after show destination, with most nights ending with Screw Music Forever people gathered in the kitchen or the front porch working their way toward oblivion. On a night like this, Eric momentarily gained the ability to see the atomic structure of a forgotten peanut butter sandwich on the hexagonal end table in the front living room. He wrote the song "atomic" about it and many more songs about atoms, but never told a soul about what he had witnessed.

Laughing Gas

Track list:
1. Marie Curie
2. Crazy Train
3. I Can't Lose
4. Make It Right
5. Powderkeg
6. Laughing Gas
7. Ad Patrio
8. Ride It Right
9. Hyskell 2nd
10. Epilogue
11. Hyskell A
12. Can't Believe

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