Errant Strike

Baltimore-based recording project that uses guitars, piano, drums, harmonies, and other things to construct rockish song childrees.

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Let's Build A Replica [2008]

Play it:

1. Intro
2. The Janus Curse
3. Eyes On The Weekend
4. Pepper the Padlocks
5. Biggest Fool To Hit The Big Time
6. Nothing Toulouse
7. The Electric Shrimp Hag Cleet
8. Pushing The Pushers
9. Come As Your Own Burnt Offering
10. Zigzag Kids
11. Just Like a Horse Lover

Liner notes:
Part 1 of 3

Let's Be Natural [2008]

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1. Deep Submarine Night
2. Farmers In The Rain
3. Smallest Places
4. Half of Something
5. The Curtains Promenade
6. Tangled Capital
7. Jimmy the Electric Meat
8. She Put the Love in Everyone
9. Royal Child
10. Waiting for the Waves
11. Stabilizers
12. Kid Yourself
13. E.D.I.T.H.

Liner notes:
Part 2 of 3

Let's Have The Fortitude To Suck [2008]

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1. Stabilizers feat. Flexxehawk
2. Summertime Sabbatical
3. Didn't Know
4. The Carter Hengood Story
5. The Immaculate Cut
6. Singing Along
7. Come Pick Me Up
8. For The Captain
9. Black Curtains demo
10. Figs and Wigs demo
11. At The Colliseum

Liner notes:
Part 3 of 3

Bullhorning From Behind The Imperial Bird [2006]

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1. Gentle Ray
2. Looking Forward
3. Deaf Bed
4. Time Ain't Right
5. Song For Allistair
6. Cherry Hill
7. The World's Most Valuable Cracker
8. Hail Sycamore
9. In Search Of The Giant Squid
10. Orange Lake
11. Melt It
12. We Will Remain Raw
13. Ivory Low
14. Cavair Is Caviar, Helium or Not

Liner notes:
Fourteen songs about baltimore, love, getting dirty, cleaning up, procrastination, conflict, escape plans, giant squid, crackers, flamethrower fantasies, and all the other daily realities.

The Faux Plateau [2005]

Play it:

1. Figs and Wigs
2. Queen Helene
3. Ode T' Livers (the infinite comeback)
4. Black Curtains on the Puppet Show
5. Fail While You Still Can

People (Click names to see profiles):

Trey Conner - guitar
Jenny Juristo - vocals, clarinet
Tim Kearley - guitar, vocals, etc
John Lingan - drums
Tucker Mayer - guitar
Eric Morrison - keys, production
Burke Sampson - guitar
E.J. Shaull-Thompson - drums
Andy Stack - bass
Jenn Wasner - guitar

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