Flexxehawk is from St Pete. Their sound is so big, the band literally doubles in size when they take the stage. What they do up there both represents and provokes an infinite regress of chortling, which one can ecstatically partake of or witness dispassionately.

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One Chilli Cheese Pup No Pup Chilli: The Forgotten Nuggets Volume 3 [2015]

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1. Hey Grandma
2. Besame Mucho
3. Cannibal Holocaust
4. Hello Hello
5. Pay To Cum
6. Wicker Thrown
7. Eagle
8. Trog
9. You Race
10. We Have Just Begun To Dream
11. Degabah Memoires
12. Love You
13. Ask The Wind

Liner notes:
Compiled by that guy who played guitar for Patty Smyth, "one chili cheese pup no pup chili" can be used as a magical incantation. If used repetitiously, it renders endless novelty in increasingly fine feathered patterns. The songs included were inspired by the miniature chili pups that Krystal sold in the early 90s.

Lightning Strikes [2014]

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1. Lightning Strikes
2. Flexxehawk Loves You
3. Neil and Cam
4. Degobah Memoires
5. Cesar Song
6. I Am The Eagle
7. Cannibal Holocaust
8. Isle of Graia
9. Techmology
10. Fresh and Fun
11. Rock Some Chug
12. Itchin

Liner notes:
Lightning strikes

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Trey Conner - guitar, bass, vox
Ian Florence - drums
Jeremy King - bass, keys, vox, engineer
Chris Sturgeon - guitar, bass, vox

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