Tampa, FL forgers of dark pop art-rock adult noises verses.... dub-dance-drone ______nothingness

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Musick [2005]

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1. Wow
2. The Blow Up
3. Repeats Version
4. The Nothings
5. Panik
6. Icons (Too Many People)
7. Vertigo
8. ESP
9. Lines
10. Emergency
11. Untitled

Liner notes:
Musick was released in March 2005 on Fiani, and the cacophonic tunes to be found therein are simply the versions pinned down by the group at those exact moments, trapped in manic bursts during a years' worth of recording sessions. This time out the minimalist, bouncy pop has been fused to thick blasts of pounding guitar, drawing ill-fitting comparisons to Wire, the Fall, and - to their confusion - Led Zeppelin alongside the previous Roxy-Music-meets-Faust-meets-Lee "Scratch" Perry analogies. They themselves will only describe it as "dark pop art-rock adult noises verses.... dub-dance-drone ______nothingness".

Titles [2003]

Aborted, original cover
(circa 2001)

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1. Mirrors
2. Particles
3. ECM
4. Afrika Screams
5. The What Man
6. Circular
7. Titles
8. Rut
8. Sorrow

As Told By Dumbwaiters [1997]

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1. On The Country
2. Nervous
3. Tentatively Titled: Streamforthcoming
4. Behold
5. Prelude To...
6. Simple Metal From The Heart
7. Intro
8. Wise To The Western Demand
9. You'll Get The Oriental Railroad Spike
10. Suffering The Robotic Switch
11. On The Road To Nifty Things
12. Hallowed Out of Our Minds
13. Your Molecules
14. Ode To Electric Bull
15. This Land Is Dear To Dead

Liner notes:
Keep in time, toe the line with the Beat...Claiming lives and members in a sprawling double tribute to the exchange of chances. This C.D. represents the "affliction" of affluence (see Scourge) by this nation, on this nation, in this nation. The debut disc from DWs.

The Exquisite Pre-requisite 7 [1997]

- Reconstruct the La Casa De Carne - The Martyr

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1. Reconstruct the La Casa De Carne
2. The Martyr

Liner notes:
To use another's eyes or kick aside the meat, the choice is up to you. Take a maddened drunken sailor's strut to the tune of "Reconstruct the La Casa De Carne" and "The Martyr" Angst gives thanx: black pepper!

Baat Raineee Voing cassette [1996]

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1. Behold
2. Reconstruct the La Casa De Carne
3. Suffering the Robotic Switch
4. Switcharoo

Dumbwaiters/Meringue Split 7 [1995]


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1. The Manic Impression of Mutiny
2. Dung Hi
3. Medley:Schphvephnees/Taking It To The Highlands

Liner notes:
One side, "Medley:Schphvephnees/Taking It To The Highlands," sends you on a trip through the insane and sinuous, mega-layered and multi-guitared collective mind of Gainesville, Florida's championss of experimental triumph, Meringue.The other side, hosted by Dumbwaiters, pulls you back to the garage of the sixties. With its tilted timing and twisted times, "Dung Hi" and "The Manic Impression of Mutiny" present rock with a musical-hacker, 4-tracker perspective.

People (Click names to see profiles):

James Bess - keys, guitar, production
Matthew Bowman - guitar
Chris Millstein - drums
Kevin Pytlak - drums
Johnny Reading - guitar
Jessica Richards - bass, cello
Tim Kearley - bass, vocals, guitar
Jeremy King - bass, keyboards

Other players, producers, etc :
Brian Repetto - guitar, keys, vocals

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