100% Storms Ensemble

Eric Morrison's (Home,Leels) fake orchestra. Tackling the best syphonic commissions that they never were really offered: 1939 World's Fair, Launch music for the Voyager space probes, and the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in NYC.

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A Commencement Symphony for the Voyager 2 and 1 [2005]

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1. Movement 2: Dawn and the Land Transport
2. Addendum 1: Western Scales
3. Movement 3: Travel
4. Addendum 2: Circle
5. Movement 4: Order of the Dolphin
6. Addendum 3: Background Radiation
7. Movement 5: Termination Shock
8. Addendum 4: Music of the Spheres
9. Addendum 5: A Very Long Time
10. Movement 6: Contact

Liner notes:
A symphony celebrating the Voyager spaceprobes. The addendi are suggestions for what should have been included on the golden album. Many thanks to Jon Lomberg, one of the original artists on the project for his help and insights.

A Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World’s Fair [2003]

EJ-54 12" mini LP

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1. A Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World's Fair - Side A
2. A Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World's Fair - Side B

Liner notes:
A rare vinyl-only offering from Emperor Jones by the 100% Storms Ensemble. A Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World's Fair is a new post-facto musical piece meant to capture the dizzy elation of America fishtailing on a wet highway just before careening headlong into WWII. Various strings, french horn, clarinet and flute combine with more basic rock elements to sweep you into its pomp and circumstance.

The B-side is an 18-minute epic chamber rock collage, perhaps resembling a lost piece by the aforementioned Home.

This lovely release features direct to metal mastered black vinyl and sleek glow in the dark cover and is a numbered edition of 300.

Radio Suite for 4 Clarinets, 4 Pianos, and Voice [2003]

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1. Radio Suite for 4 Clarinets, 4 Pianos, and Voice

Liner notes:
Originally written as a piece for solo clarinet and harmonic pedal by Jennifer Juristo, "Radio Suite" is reimagined here as a pair of interchangeable quartets. Each member of the two subsets, comprised of discrete recorded performance, was independently controlled and shaped in real-time during the microcast.

Performing the music of Eric D. Morrison [2001]

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1. 2012 Games (Opening Ceremony)
2. Dust Frozen In a Sunbeam
3. Duet (in G Major for Flute and Clarinet)
4. Kearley Wedding Suite I
5. Kearley Wedding Suite II
7. Reparations (to Behold)
8. Hiroshima
9. Silence
10. Bonus Alarm

Liner notes:
Emperor Jones/Screw Music Forever copyright 2001

People (Click names to see profiles):

Jonathan Hammil - french horn
Gerald Hammil - trumpet
Jenny Juristo - clarinet
Eve Martin - flute
Eric Morrison - piano, bells
Cat Oberg - violin

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