Vacation Bible School

Gainesville power indie pop trio from the 90's. Two CDs "Morning Sun," (1999) and "Casers" (2003) are full of original, catchy-peppered business.

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Russian Bacteriologist [2010]

Released By Screw Music Forever

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1. Buddy and Me
2. Peanut Chamber
3. Abigail
4. Melanoma Stroker
5. I Have The Beginning
6. Making Your World
7. Enter The Billy
8. G.O.N.G.
9. Morning Sun
10. Techwood
11. House With Raccoons
12. Four Leaf Clover
13. Tangerines
14. Val Lens
15. Clandenning
16. Ethicon
17. Angel
18. This Is How We Make The Monkeys Go Mad
19. ???
20. Spread The Jokes
21. Sugar Juice
22. Russian Bacteriologist

Liner notes:
Glenn-remastered re-launch of the VBS catalog.

Casers [2003]

Released by Screw Music Forever

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1. Refreshing The Essence
2. M.O.N.A.
3. Press It Seal It
4. Golden Throat of Gold
5. Puritannica
6. Get Stuck
7. Humid Air
8. Three Rings Out

An Amphibious Anthology of Rare Songs and Barroom Ballads [1994]

Released by VicDavis Garage Productions

Play it:

1. The Pans (VBS)
2. Wicker Thing (theme from the wizard of oz) (VBS)
3. Pasturized Pop Ice (VBS)
4. One Piece of Glue Pie Left In My Holsters (VBS)
5. Clownmarch (Pre-Lasagne) (VBS)
6. Like a Rolling Stone (Dylan)
7. The Ballad of Hicky Hickman (NFD)
8. Sonics Harmonics (NFD)

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Glenn Barovich - drums, vocals
Jeremy King - bass
Chris Sturgeon - guitar, vocals

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