Sean Martin

Yeah, Sean's back in Home again, but he also likes to bust out tunes on his own. He calls this solo project 'Sean Martin' and it's good too.

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Seanventeen [2010]

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1. Pics 4 Pics
2. Hello From Texas
3. Pop! Pop!
4. It’s Sticking
5. Diamond Cut
6. Me Like You
7. Another Peace
8. Noelle Sweety
9. Goodbye Mike
10. Nix
11. Joe Bean
12. Shake Me Down
13. Smooth Litter
14. Up Up
15. Career Man
16. Brain Waves
17. The Race
18. This Heaviness
19. No Time For Nothing
20. Scratch Humming
21. Loss
22. Tuned Chatter
23. Can I Get Some Help Here
24. Daddy’s A Dreamer
25. We’re Right Now
26. Career Man 2
27. Let’s Stay In Bed
28. Golf Carts and Rainbows
29. Touch You
30. Wow
31. The Flutter

Liner notes:
When Home was ready to make the follow up to Sexteen, they reached out to Sean to see if he had any songs to contribute. Of course he did. Here are the thirty one songs he sent over in their original demo glory.

Love Songs and Related Topics [2005]

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1. Your trusting eyes
2. It all pays off
3. Constant gravity
4. Because: I'm in love
5. The Wind is Saying
6. Songs of love
7. Help myself
8. Old gold
9. Old gold (part 2)
10. I didn't mean to pass out
11. It's Not Imminent
12. It's Not Them
13. Please
14. I Would Love Some
15. Don't Make Me!
16. I missed your laugh
17. Still don't know how to live

Liner notes:
Sean Martin, Home's original drummer, felt compelled to make the album he always had in him, and here is his first solo album: Songs of Love...and Related Topics.

12 songs about the way it feels when you get caught up in the sweetness.

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