Pinellas Anthemonic

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Pinellas Anthemonic [1996]

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1. A Ride
2. Grey Ceiling Chamber
3. Convenient
4. Sunday PM
5. Farscheinkontrolle
6. The Compromise
7. Open Fire
8. Wangle Age (Pt. 1)
9. For a Colon
10. 11th St. Delima
11. Motive Opportunity
12. Disengage
13. Waom
14. Requiem for a Nearly Porcine Canine
15. Wangle Age (Pt. 2)
16. Find, Wind; Unfound, Unwound

Liner notes:
All songs written, performed, and recorded by Pinellas Anthemonic (Clark Blomquist and John Turner) except 'Waom' by Drew Blomquist and Pinellas Anthemonic.

Copyright 2010.
Recorded in St.Petersburg, Florida in the fall of 1996.
Cover art by Drew Blomquist.

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Clarque Blomquist - guitar, drums, percussion, keys, vocals
John Turner - bass, banjo, guitar, piano, keys, trombone, vocals

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