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Over the 'Ears [2009]

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1. Glad To Be Your Friend
2. Your Eyes
3. Annointed
4. Best Buckles Anniversary
5. Day of the Eagle
6. Taking It To The Island
7. Soloies
8. 08 Oct 21
9. Take Two
10. Gangle
11. E Sweet Tea
12. When I See You Smile
13. December To Remember
14. Salty Water

Music From the Mint Green Nest [1997]

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1. Mulch Mansion
2. Friendship
3. How Is The One
4. Look Into My Eyes
5. Feliz Cumpleanos
6. Southwest Steamboat Scandal
7. Baby Back Ribs
8. Lullaby
9. Salty Water
10. AA Colonel Gently
11. Visitation Womb
12. Schmoufisch
13. Surprise of Nellie Bligh
14. Safari
15. Big Bright Down

Liner notes:
A Cherry Smash record.

Composed and performed by Meringue using guitars, banjo, mandolin, percussion, keys, pipes, brass, reeds, magnetic tapes, voice.

WE LOVE Devil's Isle Chamber Ensemble:
Holly P. Ashley - cello
Alison Carroll - tuba, trombone
Angie Conner - vocal on "Friendship"
Odessa Conner - heartbeat on "Anointed Suite"
Jenn Downey - woodwinds
Eric Morrison - keys
Jessica Richards - cello
Liza Wakemen - violin

Bright Down Campfire Strumalongs:
Cesar Alvarez, Nathan Conner, Tim Kearley, Jeremy King, Brian Repetto, Scott Sturgeon, Sweetie Truax

Thanks to Eric Morrison and Michael Rotolante for production

Special slobbering smooches and lovies to the sugar daddy: Brian Doherty

Dumbwaiters/Meringue Split 7 [1995]

Play it:

1. Mulch Mansion
1. Medley:Schphvephnees/Taking It To The Highlands
2. Friendship
2. Dung Hi (Dumbwaiters)
3. The Manic Impression of Mutiny (Dumbwaiters)

Liner notes:
One side, "Medley:Schphvephnees/Taking It To The Highlands," sends you on a trip through the insane and sinuous, mega-layered and multi-guitared collective mind of Gainesville, Florida's championss of experimental triumph, Meringue.The other side, hosted by Dumbwaiters, pulls you back to the garage of the sixties. With its tilted timing and twisted times, "Dung Hi" and "The Manic Impression of Mutiny" present rock with a musical-hacker, 4-tracker perspective.

Grandma's Super Market House [1995]

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1. Scotty The Body
2. How Can You Say That About The Lovies
3. Guantanamera
4. Collection Of Creaks
5. So Send I You
6. Birds
7. What Is Wrong With Rock Music
8. Los Fres Rationcitos
9. The Path To The Title
10. Grandma's Supermarket House
11. Victory Song

Meringue [1994]

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1. From Outside
2. Voglers Magnetic Theater
3. Walking Happy Point At Strangers
4. Game Show
5. Hair Stands

Meringue Outtakes and One offs

Play it:

1. Best Buckles: Golden Anniversary - 1995 - Unknown compilation

People (Click names to see profiles):

Frog - bass
Trey Conner - guitar, vocals
Roger Forshay - drums
Jon Moon - guitar, vocals
Chris Sturgeon - guitar, vocals
Clay Wells - drums

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