Leels are Chris, Trey, Eric, Drew, Jeremy and Jenny. They are a rock band. They like it like they like.

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fingees crossed [2006]

2006 Cloth Monkey Records

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1. Finding The Road There
2. Fight
3. Crossover
4. Work
5. Innarondax
6. H.L. Champs
7. Dream Job
8. Pleased
9. Chris Cross
10. Component
11. Enjoyment
12. Watership Down

Liner notes:

Cannonballs and Silver Tongues [2004]

2004 (emperor jones)

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1. Opening
2. T.N.T.
3. The Joy of Literacy
4. Remainder
5. Rooster Knowledge Planting Days
6. A.I.
7. She's A Mover
8. Reverse
9. Cartoon
10. Hold Up a Sec
11. Squandering
12. Lilly of the Valley
13. The Harsher Road

Liner notes:
A 13 song psychedelic pop treatise on man's unrealized place at the center of the universe. The CD packaging features some beautiful artwork by Elizabeth Clemons and a 3-D gatefold.

Leels [2003]

2002 (emperor jones)

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1. Happenings
2. Oh, You Pretty Little Darling
3. Odessa
4. Floridian Towel
5. Throttle
6. Arbor Day
7. Precious Time
8. Fortune Sized
9. Be a Part
10. Closer To Be
11. Untitled
12. Mandatory High Steppers
13. Sailing Sister
14. Learning To Barbara

Liner notes:
Chris and Trey of MERINGUE and Eric of HOME shacked up in 2003 to record the debut collaborative album 'LEELS'. The 14 song disc comes with full cd enhancemees including: 3 videos, image cache, a comic strip by Drew Blomquist, and more.

People (Click names to see profiles):

Glenn Barovich - drums
Drew Blomquist - drums
Trey Conner - guitar, vocals
Jenny Juristo - clarinet, vocals
Jeremy King - bass
Eric Morrison - piano, guitar, vocals
Chris Sturgeon - guitar, vocals

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