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yes... THE Jimmy Winchell. The SMF family has rallied around this great, if somewhat burnt-out hit-maker. After some ill-conceived lawsuits, Jimmy is not permitted to profit from his talents anymore. So take advantage of all the free music he has kindly given to SMF to distribute online.

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Jimmy Winchell Gives You Goodbye [2009]

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1. Gunner's Dream
2. Cecilia
3. Long Way Home
4. Let My Love Open The Door
5. The Beautiful Ones
6. Honky Cat
7. Love Not In Vain
8. Dry Your Eyes
9. Feeling Stronger
10. Border
11. Nothing Compares 2 U
12. Purple Rain
13. After The Gold Rush
14. Dogs
15. Rehumanize
16. Graceland
17. America
18. In The Light

Liner notes:
Jimmy has few qualms about saying goodbye to this spikey cold world but he regrets saying goodbye to you in particular, because you are beautiful and he will miss you lots.

Jimmy Winchell Gives You California [2007]

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1. California Saga Part 3
2. California Love
3. Court and Spark
4. Moving Right Along
5. Keep On Rockin Me

Liner notes:
In 2007, Jimmy Winchell was cold. Frozen, even. He worked out a deal with the parole board and retreated to the fictional and real landscapes of California, USA. With help from Honey Hush and the Black Badger All-stars, he recorded this collection of songs that celebrate and question this heralded state of mind.

Jimmy Winchell Gives You Redemption [2006]

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1. Border Song
2. Like A Rock
3. Angel of the Morning
4. Highway To Hell
5. Put Your Hand In the Hand
6. Fire and Rain
7. In the Light
8. Have I Told You
9. Wish You Were Here

Liner notes:
For reasons outside of Jimmy's intent or power, the profane curtain lifts for but a moment and the sacred comes crashing down upon him in chandelier blasts of forgiveness and love. In a string of musical tales, Jimmy considers the power of something much larger and something much smaller than he.

Jimmmy Winchell gives you Wanderlust and Cocaine [2005]

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1. The Breeze
2. Please Come To Boston
3. Moving Right Along
4. Turn The Page
5. Sloop John B
6. On Yer Merry Way
7. Baker Street
8. On The Road To Find Out
9. As Long As I Can See The Light
10. Nobody Home
11. Rambling Man
12. Caravan
13. Cocaine
14. Lit Up
15. Cocaine
16. Casey Jones
17. Flying High..... AGAIN
18. Snorting Whiskey
19. Girl on Cocaine
20. Boomtown

Liner notes:
Jimmy Winchell says he used to think that it was so easy. In fact, Jimmy says this twice, sitting on a musty couch in a dank, dingy friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’s apartment that’s his temporal "home." He used to think that it was so easy. But Jimmy’s trying now. On top of his game in the 1980’s with several gold records under his belt, the one-time heavy hitter is feeling the weight of an awful past decade. This is evident in his posture; shoulders forward, as if ready to lean over, a blank stare that darts and lands constantly over items in the room. Always has his back to the wall. Permanent hack. Jimmy's now wearing a spirit-crushing yoke around his neck that appeared after a bellyflop legal maneuver – one he swears sounded infallible at the time -- that wound up castrating him (figuratively). He simultaneously sued his management, label and publisher -- and lost everything. Legally, he can no longer write music, perform music professionally, or release albums. These conditions have brought him to his present state –with elastic bands keeping his shoes on.


I found myself alone, hopin' someone would miss me," Jimmy says of his years-long struggle to return to show business, "but I got a little off track." You could say that. Even though the records that brought him fame are now faintly remembered (if at all), his reputation for hedony remains legendary. If you want to get down, Jimmy’s been your man. If you’re on ten, but want to get to eleven – Jimmy. He’s been like a bad rumor, one that’s all over town. Not that he’d admit that. "Well I may be confused, but you know I sure ain't down."


People think I’m crazy, but I’m in demand." That demand is Jimmy Winchell’s ticket back, and he’s paying it off by releasing a tribute to two of his passions. For now, Jimmy’s relying on his grand piano to prop up his mortal remains. While he's still usually coked, pilled, drunk and couch-ridden, he has made it a point to continue to work his musical muscles in the only way that the lawyers can't deny him. Through a collection of songs that are given away free, in the online-only LP release, "Jimmy Winchell Gives You Wanderlust & Cocaine."


One would think latter would lead to the former. But wanderlust seems to run a bit deeper in Jimmy’s veins than the last line he snorted. "My father was a gambler down in Georgia," he offers when asked about his early years. "And I was born in the backseat of a Greyhound bus." Jimmy says his jones for rambling is more powerful than coke. But the two certainly complement each other, like a mirror and a rolled-up dollar bill.


It’s time to leave, and Jimmy asks for understanding. "Guess I’ve got that old travelin’ bone," he says. "’cause this feelin’ won’t leave me alone. I’m bound to drift a while." Jimmy says next he might go out to California or down to Georgia.. he doesn’t know. He’ll follow his nose, in search of good times and good news. He’s got amazing powers of observation that aren’t evident at one’s first impression. He’s chosen songs that encapsulate the events that have brought this husk of his former self to his present state: light in his head, dead on his feet. He doesn’t need a map to get this show on the road; he needs your help. He may be trouble with a Capital "T," but Jimmy Winchell’s a good dog; and his hope with this new double-LP is that you throw him a bone.

Jimmy Winchell Gives You The Business [2000]

Released in 2000 on Priapus

Play it:

1. Have A Cigar
2. Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
3. Jet Airliner
4. My Story
5. The Entertainer
6. Free Man In Paris

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